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MMC is over

Mephit Mini Con is over. It was a curious convention to me. On the one hand there were these beautiful and enjoyable moments, and on the other hand these depressing and annoying moments.

But all in all the good moments predominated the bad ones.

Schrödingers cat walks into a bar....

.... and doesn't!

When you decide to start studying a scientific discipline you don't worry about what could happen to your mind.
And before you could turn around your circle of friends changes and the only people you have contact to, are in an equal degenerated mood as you.
This is the point when you and your strange friends start creating some kind of insider humour about scientific issues.
But you are blissfully unware that you have changed in this way and you only realize that when other, normal people don't laugh about your jokes.

The following video deals with these kind of jokes:

Here's the full show: http://fora.tv/2009/11/08/Science_Laughs_Science_Comedian_Brian_Malow

But this is only the beginning of the desaster.
Years of research leave marks:


back to the roots^^

In the last few weeks I confined myself to political issues.
Its time to return to furry stuff.

last week i commissioned my bodysuit.
its going be cheaper than i thought :)

hope it'll be finished until Ef

Golden retriever puppies

oh, their so cute

Petition gegen Internetzensur

Ausnahmsweise mal ein Eintrag auf deutsch.

Unter Einsatz meines Lebens und mit der Gefahr, dass ich von nun an vom BKA beschattet werde, folgender Eintrag:

Die Internetzensurpläne der Regierung sind in aller Munde und der Staat ist auf dem besten wege, von einem demokratischen Land zu einem Überwachungsstaat umfunktioniert zu werden.
Sei es unter dem Vorwand der Terrorgefahr oder dem Kampf gegen Kinderpornographie.

Da an anderer Stelle netzpolitik.org schon ziemlich viel dazu gesagt wurde, werd ich hier jetzt keine Fakten o.ä. zu der Thematik mehr aufführen.
Ich möchte lediglich auf die Petition im Bundestag gegen Internetzensur hinweisen mit dem Aufruf, dass jeder, dem auch nur ein bischen an seiner Freiheit liegt, diese unterzeichnen sollte.


4th step of the head

I've made some more cuts to give the head its form.
I had some trouble to cut the parts i had connected with hot glue.


State of affairs

Thats the first time, that I try to make an entry by using the lj app on my iPhone .

I will post the nexe step of the head this week .

life sucks

feel lonely,
don't know who I am
everything in my life lost its sense


Retriever Dog Dance

A friend sent me this link yesterday.
It's awesome how well the dog hamonizes with it's owner.
And you can see that the dog has a lot of fun.

Golden Retriever

I found a nice song about the golden retriever at youtube.
The band is called "Super Furry Animals"